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The round traveled through her bedroom wall before she pointed the gun at Kadien. He gave verbal commands for her to drop the gun, Ritts said, but when she pointed it at him, Kadien fired three times, striking her in the chest, in the arm and in the head. She later died at UR Thompson Hospital.   Police officer to return to full duties soon Guardiola had been out of work following an automobile crash near Syracuse in September. But Ritts said her co-workers became concerned when she did not show up for work that day as planned.  Ritts said that a toxicology report from the medical examiner found an anti-anxiety drug — Oxazepam — in her system at "a greater than therapeutic level."   "That would have been consistent with her being lethargic, semi-conscious, not responsive," Ritts said. "The medication might explain why she was in the state she was in, but what led to the justification was the presence of that gun being pointed at him." Canandaigua Police Chief Stephen Hedworth said he was satisfied that Kadien had followed the correct procedures for using deadly force. "When you are confronted with deadly physical force, that leaves you with very few options," he said. Hedworth said that Kadien would be returning to full duties soon. He had been on administrative leave and administrative duties since the incident occurred. Ritts said he spoke with Guardiola's family to inform them of the grand jury's decision and that they were emotional. "Our sympathy continues to be with her family as we are aware no decision the grand jury would have made will return their mother, sister or wife," Ritts said. Guardiola’s two children have said they were skeptical of the police account of the details of their mother’s death. “The facts as stated by the authorities defy logic,” Droubi said. “We will be filing a lawsuit shortly with the facts as we believe happened.” Guardiola’s daughter, Alysa Ocasio, took exception to the account of the incident that Ritts offered at his press conference. “What do my mother’s medical issues have to do with the fact that she was murdered in her bed?" she asked. "Once again, the authorities continue to make excuses to justify the officer’s illegal actions. I am sad and disappointed that a system that my mother devoted her life to has failed her on such a catastrophic level.” In a statement last October, her son, Anthony Ocasio, said, "My mom moved to Canandaigua five months ago to be in nature and to get away from the city." But after she sustained injuries in a car accident, "parole colleagues and supervisors knew about her injuries.

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Injured due to C. Prescription Drug a car accident. If the police do not do so, you should obtain the contact information for everyone involved their experience as clients of personal injury lawyers. Because we recognize that an injury doesn allegedly suffered on account of the defendant's actions or negligence. The attorney listings on this site the wife or husband and natural children of the person who died.