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But there is no question that behind closed doors, presidential advisers have offered such warnings in both Democratic and Republican administrations. That helps answer an enduring question, which is why, in well over 200 years, only two presidents (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton) have been impeached by the House of Representatives — and none has been removed from office by the Senate. Even when things get tough, the very presence of the impeachment mechanism usually deters presidents from coming anywhere close to the constitutional line, at least when they


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While Dowd and Mueller didn’t know each other personally, they were of a similar age and shared a common bond over their time as prosecutors and as Marines who served in Vietnam. Sekulow has operated in a different legal universe from Mueller, but the two have become more familiar with each other over the course of the investigation, with Sekulow attending meetings with Mueller and his team alongside Dowd, said a person close to Sekulow. Sekulow has kept up direct talks about an interview since Dowd’s departure, said another person. Trump’s Lawyer Uses Rad